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Top 10 vegan restaurants NYC, 2024 Guide

Written by: Marc Friedman
Updated July 8, 2024

It comes as no surprise that a city with a population of nearly nine million residents of whom 40 percent were born in another country, with 52 million annual visitors, offers an abundance of vegan restaurants.

With more than 25,000 restaurants within the five boroughs of New York City, you can safely assume that every imaginable type of cuisine is available here. Thankfully for visiting vegans and locals alike, they don’t have to worry about going hungry as veganism has met nirvana in NYC.

Scores of vegan restaurants abound in Manhattan, but you’ll find quite a few in Brooklyn and Queens too, where dining is no longer limited to spots that offer a couple of vegan “specialty” dishes on their menu. Vegans here can dine at a myriad of superb restaurants that specialize in creative dishes featuring fresh seasonal ingredients totally devoid of animal products.

Whether you’re seeking American comfort food or something matching the diversity of this greatest of all cities, you’ve come to the right place. In no particular order, check out some of our favorite vegan restaurants below.

Beyond Sushi

“Eat clean and leave a lasting impact on our planet” is the mantra at this vegan and kosher locally-based chain. The casual menu of Beyond Sushi offers a wide range of Japanese-inspired dishes such as vegan protein Chick’n and beef dumplings, shitake truffles, “tuna” and “salmon” sushi, Chick’n yakatori skewers, and sweet chili cauliflower wings. The glazed “meatballs” and applewood smoked oyster mushroom salad is as delicious as it is creative.

The menus vary a bit between the two Midtown locations, with the 56th St. location being casual with just 30 seats and no bar. Both locations are comfortable and unpretentious, but the 37th St. store offers 90 seats, a full bar with crafted cocktails, dinner specials, group menus, and full-restaurant buyouts for special events.

2 Manhattan locations: 134 W. 37th St. (6th-7th Ave.) & 62 W. 56th St. (5th-6th Ave.)


Author: Beyond Sushi Official Website

Jajaja Mexican

This fun and energetic NYC chain literally means “a robust and sincere laugh”, but the dining experience here is nothing to laugh about. As with other Spanish words, the name is pronounced ‘ha-ha-ha’, and the food is absolutely yum-yum-yum.

The south of the border menu of Jajaja Mexican includes tacos, empanadas, burritos, quesadillas, enchiladas, queso, guacamole and…. well, you get it. It’s Mexican food, but completely vegan, with incredible dishes including beans, squash, vegan chorizo, “eggs”, mango, and practically every fruit or vegetable you’ve come to associate with Mexican food. Yes, the chips and salsa are superb, too.

The perfectly curated options for cocktails, mocktails, Mezcal and tequila flights, beer and wine, provide a party atmosphere in the heart of the city. And with a great kid’s options including ‘make your own tacos’, Jajaja is fun for the family, too.

3 Manhattan locations: 162 E. Bdwy. (@ Allen St.), 63 Carmine St. (7th Ave.-Bedford St.), 450 W. 33 St. at Hudson Yards (inside Whole Foods). Brooklyn: 119 Kent Ave. at N. 7th St. in Williamsburg. Queens: coming soon to Long Island City.


Author: Jajaja Mexican Official Website

Paulie Gee’s

Paulie Gee’s is well known for serving incredible Neapolitan-style pizzas and perhaps even better known for long waits at peak times, Paulie Gee’s isn’t a vegan restaurant, but does offer five superb vegan pizzas which are grouped together on the menu under Vegan Pizzas.

Be aware that Paulie Gee’s is strictly a dine-in restaurant, since their “wood fired pies…are meant to be enjoyed right out of the oven”. If you are just seeking a slice or pie to go, head over to their Slice Shop at 110 Franklin St.

The vegan pizzas on Paulie Gee’s menu are: In Ricotta Da Vegan with vegan sausage, vegan parmesan and cashew ricotta dollops; Vegan Regina with vegan mozzarella and parmesan; Vegan Daniela Spinaci with spinach, vegan mozzarella and parmesan; Vegan Greenpointer with vegan mozzarella; and I Got the Chopt with cremini mushrooms, vegan mozzarella, and nut-free kale pesto.

The only alcoholic drinks available are beer and wine, and a word to the wise….Paulie Gee’s isn’t the place for a quiet date or even to have a conversation. It is usually crowded, loud, fun, and great for people watching.

Brooklyn: 60 Greenpoint Ave. (Franklin-West St.)


Author: Paulie Gee’s Official Website


The mostly Asian-focused vegan menu of PLANTA Queen ranges from sushi, wok and noodle dishes, and salads, to kimchi or truffle fried rice, all served in an elegant location just a few blocks north of Madison Square Park.

The scallion pancake egg wrap, French toast, and banana waffle are signature items served during the Saturday and Sunday brunch, accompanied by an extensive selection of weekend cocktails, or wine, beer, cider and sake. Creative non-alcoholic beverages, juices, tonics, and chai are also popular options.

If your plans include a trip across the bridge to Brooklyn, PLANTA/Williamsburg and PLANTA Burger share a location with distinctly different menus at 316 Wythe Ave.

15 W. 27th St. (NOMAD, 5th-Bdwy.)


Author: PLANTA Queen Official Website

Le Botaniste

Boasting five locations in Manhattan (plus two in Belgium), Le Botaniste was the first plant-based, organic, carbon-neutral restaurant in New York City. From the first location that opened in Ghent, Belgium in September 2015, to its NYC premiere in January of 2016, Le Botaniste has been committed to vegan recipes that are of high quality, fresh, and with local traceable ingredients. The menu is packed with healthy, comforting food that is prepared quickly, as New Yorkers are known for being regularly on the go.

Before choosing your bowl ingredients, you may want to start with the Young Coconut Cerviche, Turmeric Lemon Hummus, or Veggie Sushi Roll.

Touting what Le Botaniste calls “prescription bowls”, plant-based foods are combined for powerful and healthy meals, including internationally inspired dishes such as their Tibetan Mama Coconut Curry or the Spicy Chili Sin Carne. Diners choose a base (brown rice/fusilli/quinoa or organic salad mix), toppings, garnish, and the final touch to finish off a very personalized bowl. The restaurants serve dine-in customers with attractive Japanese ceramic bowls, while take-away meals travel in eco-friendly packaging.

Le Botaniste’s “Vino Therhappy” features a privately curated selection of wines that are simply fermented grape juice, and 100% organic.

5 Manhattan locations including 11 W. 42nd St. (midtown across from Bryant Park), 127 Grand St. (SOHO, Crosby-Bdwy.), 666 Third Ave. (43rd St.). Also, on the Upper West Side and Upper East Side


Author: Le Botaniste Official Website

Superiority Burger

The menu may be a bit limited, and some items may be vegetarian rather than vegan, but there’s plenty offered at Superiority Burger when you’re looking for something delectable and you don’t have a lot of time. Relocated to its current address in 2023 directly across from Tompkins Square Park, Superiority Burger is a great spot to grab a bite and chow down while relaxing in the park. If you’re dining in, cocktails, a nice wine and beer list, and non-alcoholic options are plentiful.

Nearly every vegetarian option can be prepared vegan, including the Mega Mouth which “…isn’t a bigger burger, it’s a huger sandwich.” Other great choices include the Sloppy Dave with frizzled onion or served gluten-free without the onions over rice, and the Superiority Wrap with organic brown rice, tofu, cabbage and sunflower crunch.

The Burnt Broccoli Salad is a local favorite, and sides of sweet and sour pink beets, spicy lentils, or a roasted white sweet potato are perfect accompaniments.

119 Avenue A (East Village, St. Mark’s Place-E. 7th)


Author: Superiority Burger Official Instagram

Dirt Candy

Dubbed “Manhattan’s premiere vegetarian restaurant” by New York Magazine, this Michelin one-star restaurant takes vegan/vegetarian dining to a whole other level. And luckily for vegans, the restaurant says nearly everything on the menu can easily be prepared as a vegan recipe. Just advise your server when they greet you.

Uniquely, Dirt Candy serves a single five-course tasting menu that changes regularly, so you won’t get to make any decisions from the menu. The restaurant is all about vegetables, and James Beard-nominated Canadian chef and owner Amanda Cohen knows how to prepare them better than anyone. The New York Times says dining at Dirt Candy “…can be like going to a child’s birthday party in a country where all the children love vegetables. Ms. Cohen is not adapting to the vegetarian cuisine of some other culture. She is inventing her own.”

For a set price, currently $105 including tip (tax and alcoholic beverages are additional), the five distinct courses will amaze you. Recently the courses were named: 1/ cucumber, 2/ fennel, 3/ asparagus, 4/ Romanesco, and 5/ a Bok choy ban mi dessert. The numbered 100% plant-based dishes included an asparagus lasagna, cucumber key lime pie and a caramelized fennel bun.

86 Allen St. (Lower East Side, Grand-Broome), 1 Michelin Star


Author: Dirt Candy Official Website


Just a couple of short blocks from the Empire State Building, this Korean vegan restaurant is ideal for satisfying your plant-based dietary desires. HanGawi describing themselves as “A Vegetarian Shrine in Another Place and Time”, the casual yet chic décor lends itself to a quiet, peaceful experience that requires leaving your shoes at the front door as you would in a traditional Korean home. Bring along some comfortable socks if you’d like, while comfortable floor cushions are provided.

The goal of the owners is to provide a spiritual-like meal that will be impossible to forget. From the vegan meals replete with endless veggies that include mountains of mushrooms and greens, to the authentic presentation of teas, with folk and zen music softly playing in the background, you are bound to feel the desired coming together of body and mind.

So, what’s on the menu at a Korean vegan restaurant? Appetizers include Spicy Korean Cauliflower Bites, and Korean Kochi Skewers comprised of mushroom heads, asparagus, scallions and sweet chili. Various dumplings are a house specialty or start out with the Spicy Kale and Broccoli Kimchi Salad.

Mains range from a variety of stone rice bowls, hot pots, stews, plus mushroom or tofu concoctions that you’ve never imagined before. Needless to say, a meal at HanGawi is still something extremely special, even after three decades of creating plant-based veggie and vegan protein dishes to discerning patrons.

12 E. 32nd St. (Koreatown, 5th Ave. – Madison Ave.)


Author: HanGawi Official Website

Modern Love

There’s nothing cookie cutter about Modern Love, Brooklyn’s from-scratch vegan restaurant. Serving dinner nightly with brunch added on the weekend, the menu offers plenty to choose from whether you’re looking a few apps, a sandwich, full dinner, or are stopping by for vegan ice cream.

Top-notch appetizers range from Brussels Sprouts Aioli to Oyster Mushrooms Calamari, with their tasty salads having add-ons such as a chickpea cutlet, mushroom bacon, or herb grilled tofu.

Tempting sandwiches like the Mushroom Walnut Burger with cashew mozzarella and the Hot Honee Chick’n Sandwich have become neighborhood favorites. If dinner is on the agenda, Pattypan Squash Curry or Mushroom Scampi may grab your attention.

Try to leave room for dessert at Modern Love. Their shakes are made in-house from cashew olive oil ice cream, and you’ve never had such incredible vegan ice cream, cakes or pies.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 317 Union Ave. (S. 1st St.)


Author: Modern Love Official Website

Bodhi Kosher Vegetarian Restaurant

When it comes to vegan creativity with Asian cuisine, Bodhi Kosher is surely a leader of the pack. Vegan Sea Bass in Black Bean Sauce, Shitake Mushroom with Broccoli, and Shredded Vegan Meat in Garlic Sauce are just a sampling of the amazing Chinese-Kosher-Vegan dishes served up here.

In addition to its own version of Cantonese classics, Bodhi specializes in dim sum, small and medium dishes often associated with brunch but served all day long. Everything on the extensive menu is vegan, and many gluten-free dishes are also available. Did we mention that the food is incredibly delicious, too?!

77 Mulberry St. (Canal-Bayard)


Author: Bodhi Kosher Vegetarian Restaurant Website


A certified Kosher vegan bistro on Manhattan’s west side in the Chelsea neighborhood, Willow is a casual and comfortable spot for lunch or dinner. A varied menu ensures that there’s something here for everyone, including soups and salads for starters, but it’s the Truffle Mac & Cheese and Cultured Cheeseboard that have attracted hoards of repeat customers.

And while it may sound strange, this vegan restaurant’s burgers, French Dip, Fried Chicken, BLT Club, and Grilled Steak Filet, none of which contain animal products, are adored by many vegans.

With seven different vegan ice cream flavors and house-made sodas (cucumber with mint and lime is super refreshing!), this is truly a complete dining experience.

199 8th Ave. (Chelsea, 20th-21st St.)


Author: Willow Official Website


Describing themselves as “a vegan café and bakery”, Peacefood offers vegan dining with many gluten-free options in a casual and artistic atmosphere. As a great neighborhood place to relax, grab a bite, and perhaps meet a friend or two, the restaurant offers a full menu of starters, a couple of raw options, and a variety of “mains”.

The pan seared Shanghai Dumplings with Mushrooms, Tofu and Bamboo Shoots are a delicious way to begin, or maybe the “pfc tenders” with ranch or chipotle sauce? The peacefood bowl main comes with brown rice or quinoa and choice of three vegetables. Add ginger oil and you’re all set. Sounds good to us! Or for something unique, how about trying the raw lasagna? Mushrooms, zucchini, spinach, cashew cheese and marinara sauce. Yum!

Got kids? Bring ‘em along. There are five delicioso choices for them too.

2 Manhattan locations: Union Square, 41 E. 11th St., Upper West Side, 460 Amsterdam Ave. (82nd St.)


Author: Peacefood Official Instagram

So, pack your bags and head for New York City. Whether your primary purpose is to tour a few museums, sightseeing, attending a concert or Broadway play, shopping, or discovering incredible vegan dining spots, you’re in for a vacation you won’t soon forget.

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