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Personalized AI-driven search

Personalized AI-driven search

Travelated's ChatGPT technology understands user preferences to deliver highly accurate and personalized hotel recommendations.
Voice-activated search

Voice-activated search

Our platform enables users to effortlessly conduct searches using voice commands, eliminating the need for complex filters and menus, and providing a truly hands-free experience.
Comprehensive hotel data analysis

Comprehensive hotel data analysis

Travelated analyzes reviews, descriptions, and other data points to ensure the most relevant information is provided to users.


Embark on a journey like never before with Travelated, your ultimate gateway to the world's most enchanting destinations. From bustling metropolises to serene coastal towns, we offer an expansive selection of countries for you to choose from. Whether you're dreaming of a tropical beach getaway, a mountain retreat, or a cultural exploration in an ancient city, we ensure that you find the best accommodations tailored to your taste and budget. Dive in, select your desired destination, and let the adventure begin.

How do we work?

Travelated can handle a wide range of search queries, from simple to highly complex. Our technology caters to your unique needs, showcasing the true power of AI. Here are some examples:

Top Destinations

Discover the pulsating heartbeats of the world's most sought-after cities with Travelated. Each city, a unique tapestry of culture, history, and modernity, invites you to dive into its rhythms and stories. From the bustling alleyways teeming with life to serene panoramic vistas that captivate the soul, these urban gems cater to every traveler's whim. Whether it's the architectural wonders, the gastronomic delights, the art, or the people, our chosen cities have their own tales to tell. Navigate through our curated list, and let the world's most iconic cities unfold their magic before you. Embark on your urban adventure today.

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New York

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Popular States and Regions

Venture beyond city limits with Travelated to explore the vast and varied terrains of the world’s most renowned states and regions. Each region, with its distinctive charm, offers a rich mosaic of landscapes, cultures, and experiences waiting to be uncovered. From the rolling vineyards and coastal cliffs to the desert expanses and verdant highlands, these geographic wonders are a testament to nature's grandeur and human history. Delve into our curated selection of states and regions to find places where traditions run deep, and nature's beauty is boundless. Set your course, and let the authentic essence of these regions guide your journey.

Georgia hotels. Best hotels in Georgia, United States Status


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New South Wales hotels. Best hotels in New South Wales, Australia

New South Wales

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North Carolina hotels. Best hotels in North Carolina, United States

North Carolina

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Campania hotels. Best hotels in Campania, Italy


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Pennsylvania hotels. Best hotels in Pennsylvania, United States


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Toscana hotels. Best hotels in Toscana, Italy


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Virginia hotels. Best hotels in Virginia, United States


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Illinois hotels. Best hotels in Illinois, United States


1199 hotels
Tennessee hotels. Best hotels in Tennessee, United States


1194 hotels
Lombardy hotels. Best hotels in Lombardy, Italy


1172 hotels

Elevate Your Hotel Search with Travelated

In the vast landscape of digital hotel booking, there arises a need for a tool that understands the intricate preferences of each traveler. At the heart of Travelated is an innovative approach that transcends traditional search methods, offering a tailored journey for every user.

Innovations Beyond Search

The world of travel is as diverse as its travelers. Each individual seeks unique experiences, and the challenge lies in narrowing down the plethora of options to the few that truly resonate.

User-Centric Experience

Travelated is built on the foundation of a user-centric experience. Instead of overwhelming you with countless choices, our platform uses advanced AI to understand your preferences, be it a quiet beachfront resort or a bustling city-center hotel. The depth of our technology ensures that the results are fine-tuned to your tastes, presenting options that resonate with your envisioned stay.

Seamless Integration

In the era of cross-device users, it's imperative to have a platform that offers seamless integration across various digital touchpoints. Travelated’s voice-activated feature stands as a testament to this commitment. Whether you're laying back on your couch speaking into your smartphone or at your desk planning a last-minute getaway, Travelated offers the same intuitive experience, adapting to your style and pace.

A Deeper Dive with Data

Beyond just offering hotel recommendations, Travelated believes in empowering its users. Our comprehensive hotel data analysis delves deep into every facet, from parsing through guest reviews to understanding amenities. This ensures you don’t just see a hotel listing but truly understand what awaits you. It’s about painting a holistic picture, giving you the confidence that your choice is informed and ideal.

A Revolution in Hotel Search

The essence of Travelated lies not just in finding a hotel but in shaping a journey.

Why It Matters

In a world inundated with information, the real task is deciphering this information to find what’s relevant. Generic hotel listings can lead to hours of sifting, comparing, and reading reviews. Travelated eliminates this hassle, making the search process not only efficient but also enjoyable. Every traveler deserves a seamless booking experience, and with our platform, that becomes the norm.

How It Works

Once you input your preferences, be it through text or voice, Travelated's AI gets to work. It sifts through its vast database, weighing each hotel against your criteria, and analyzing multiple data points. The result? A curated list that reflects your desires, saving you time and ensuring satisfaction.

The Impact on Travelers

Beyond mere convenience, this approach transforms the way travelers make decisions. By providing personalized results backed by data, Travelated ensures that every user is equipped with all they need to make the best choice for them. It fosters confidence in decisions, reduces decision fatigue, and turns the hotel booking process from a daunting task into a delightful experience.

Chart Your Journey with Precision

Travelated isn't just another booking platform; it's a companion in your travel journey. We understand that the joy of travel starts from the planning phase. With us, you're not just booking a hotel; you're crafting an experience, chapter by chapter. Dive into a world where your preferences are understood, your time is valued, and your experiences are tailored.

Begin your exploration with Travelated and redefine the way you discover hotels. 🌍🏨🌟