Aerial view at famous european travel destination in Croatia, Dubrovnik old town. / Selective focus.

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When visiting the beautiful country of Croatia, travelers can expect to be captivated by its stunning Adriatic coast, encompassing captivating cities like Split and picturesque towns like Rijeka and Osijek. With nearly 20 million tourists arriving in Croatia as of 2019, tourism drives the economy, and the government has made significant investments in infrastructure, such as transport routes and facilities, in recent years.

The country's hotel industry plays a crucial role in catering to the influx of tourists. Croatia offers a wide variety of accommodations, from luxury hotels by the stunning coastline to cozy boutique hotels tucked away in its historical cities. Whether you're looking for a beachfront paradise or an urban retreat, the hotels offer top-notch amenities and services that cater to all travelers, making their stay in Croatia a memorable one.

As a top-ranking destination in the Human Development Index, Croatia boasts an advanced high-income economy driven by the service, industrial, and agricultural sectors. Besides its breathtaking natural beauty and rich historical heritage, the country's commitment to social security, universal healthcare, and tuition-free education demonstrates its dedication to providing a high quality of life for its residents and visitors alike.