Daigoji temple and autumn maple trees in momiji season, Kyoto, Japan

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Visiting Japan is an unforgettable experience, not just because of its stunning and varied geography, from its rugged mountains to its magnificent coastline. Its colorful history, influenced by the kingdoms of Japan, the shogunate, the military dictators, and the imperial court, offers endless curiosities for every traveler. Not to mention, Japan's outstanding cultural contributions, from literature, art, and music to the globally admired manga, anime, and video game industries. Even Japan's complex etymology is a wonder, as its name 日本 means "sun origin", adding a poetic charm to the popular Western epithet "Land of the Rising Sun".

When traveling here, choose from the various hotels strategically located in the most scenic areas. Experience Japan's traditions through the architecture and ambiance of the hotels that represent its rich history and culture. From coastal hotels in quaint fishing villages to luxurious city skyscrapers, each stay reflects the diversity and beauty of Japan. You'll find a perfect blend of ancient charm and modern comfort. Why not pamper yourself in an onsen hotel, an accommodation that combines an inviting spa with the unique Japanese hot spring culture? And don't miss out on traditional ryokans, providing an authentic Japanese experience with tatami-matted rooms and futon bedding. Make sure to book in advance to ensure a memorable stay in these distinct and special hotels.

While exploring Japan's wonders, indulge in its exquisite cuisine, explore centuries-old temples, visit the world's first UNESCO cultural and natural sites, and immerse yourself in the nation's scientific and technological prowess. Japan's commitment to protecting its biodiversity and its leadership in scientific research and robotics shows its dedication to preservation and innovation. And remember, the bustling metropolis of Tokyo isn't the only place to experience Japan – the natural beauty, ancient traditions, and cultural richness of the country are found in every corner, making any hotel stay the starting point for a remarkable adventure.

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