Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Travelers
Jul 25, 2023

Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Travelers

Inspiration GP / Shutterstock

Choosing holiday gifts can be a trying ordeal, but let us offer some advice. For the traveler in your home, how about one of these five ideas?


E-readers such as the Amazon Kindle or the Barnes and Noble Nook are invaluable devices for a traveler. The ability to download a book and read anywhere, anytime is a godsend to those who more often than not are waiting on a plane, train, or automobile.

Universal Hybrid Charger

One of the hassles of traveling is dealing with all the electronics that have to come with you. Not just the devices themselves, but their annoying plugs that get tangled everyone and confuse TSA screening agents. You can save a traveler some headaches with a universal hybrid charger. These devices can be powered by the sun or by a socket. You can charge phones, mp3 players, GPS, and other handheld devices.

WiFi Signal Locator

This gift item is genius. It saves you from having to throw your stuff down, drag your laptop out of your bag and boot it up just to find that there’s no signal in your chosen spot. This device lets you know if you are in a hotspot or if you need to keep looking.

TSA Luggage Locks

Most people have stopped attaching locks to their luggage because TSA will break them open to search their bags. However, TSA partnered with several companies (Travel Sentry and Safe Skies are two) to design acceptable locks. TSA agents have universal keys that will open these locks. So you’ll be protected from the every day luggage thief, but if you’re hoping to protect your bags from TSA, you’re SOL.

Neck Pillow

I used to think people who had neck pillows on airplanes were dorky, but that was before I owned one. Before I had my neck pillow, I was often known to fall over onto the shoulder of the stranger next to me, drooling all the way. Now I’m saved from that embarrassment.