Clothing that gives you away as a tourist
Jun 12, 2023
Road trips

Clothing that gives you away as a tourist

Pixel-Shot / Shutterstock

When you’re traveling, you want to take advantage of everything your destination has to offer. Not just the “must-see” sightseeing places or the tourist’s view, but also the dives and hotspots that only locals would know. However, sometimes even your clothing can give you away as a tourist… especially if you’re the kind that wears knee-high white socks. Not cool, guys. Not cool.

  1. Wearing clothes for the wrong climate: Ever seen someone wearing shorts and a t-shirt during winter in Los Angeles or Phoenix? Make sure to do your research before you travel –it does it get cold in the desert! Especially if you’re traveling to a different hemisphere; Australian summers take place during North American winters and vice versa.
  2. Souvenir t-shirts: The ubiquitous “I Love NY” t-shirts scream tourist. This goes for any city’s memorabilia; don’t wear a “Viva Las Vegas” or a “Bonjour Paris” shirt. These shirts are great for souvenirs, but don’t make them a part of your vacation wardrobe.
  3. Hawaiian shirts: Hawaiian shirts are the stereotypical tourist’s staple piece in his or her wardrobe. Wear them sparingly.
  4. Holiday pieces: If it’s not the Mid-Summer Festival in Japan or Chinese New Year, don’t wear a yukata, kimono, or qi pao. Showing interest in a culture is wonderful, but these traditional pieces are reserved for special holidays only. Wearing Mardi Gras beads when it isn’t Mardi Gras signals that you’re not a local.
  5. Hats, hats, hats: Caps and hats in general don’t necessarily show that you’re a tourist, but often times tourists do wear visors, souvenir hats, sombreros, berets, Santa hats, and the like. Keep your headgear stylish and classic, such as a simple baseball cap or a fedora.