Best Rolling Luggage
Aug 31, 2023
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Best Rolling Luggage

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Brief Background on Rolling Luggage

Rolling luggage was first introduced by Bernard D Sadow in the early 1970s. His brilliant idea to attach four wheels and a pulling strap changed the way we travel forever. Now, the suitcase was not merely a container for one's belongings but an accessory that offered great convenience and mobility.

Purpose of the Article

This comprehensive article aims to delve into the world of rolling luggage, discussing its importance, outlining the best features to consider, and providing comparisons of top brands. Our end goal is to equip the reader with the knowledge to choose the best rolling luggage completely suited to their individual needs.

Understanding Rolling Luggage

What is Rolling Luggage?

Rolling luggage is a type of luggage that includes wheels, designed for greater comfort and portability when traveling. Now available in numerous formats such as suitcases, duffel bags, backpacks, and garment bags, rolling luggage is a staple for most travellers.

The Importance of Rolling Luggage in Today's Travel Scenario

In the contemporary evolving world of travel, efficiency and convenience drive choice. Owing to its comfort-centric design, rolling luggage hence becomes an indispensible necessity. It reduces strain, optimises packing, and improves mobility - making travel experiences more enjoyable.

Features of Best Rolling Luggage

Material and Durability

A mix of durability and style, the material of your luggage is paramount. Many opt for hardshell ABS, polycarbonate, or aluminum for their resistance to impact and harsh weather conditions. Others may prefer softer fabrics like nylon or polyester for greater flexibility.

Wheel Type and Mobility

A critical feature that defines the "rolling" aspect of luggage is the wheel type. Two types dominate the market - in-line skate wheels and spinner wheels. Considering mobility, spinner wheels offer 360-degree movement, and in-line wheels, better durability.

Handle System

The handle system is another crucial aspect. A handle that's easy to extend and retract, locks securely at different heights, and comfortably fits in your hand can significantly improve your travel experience.

Size and Weight

Understand the guidelines for luggage size and weight for your frequent airlines. Aim for lightweight and optimally sized luggage to avoid additional fees while retaining adequate storage capacity.

Storage and Organization

Consider the storage and organization features. Well-designed compartments, pockets, and dividers can make packing and locating items simpler.

Security Features

Consider security features such as lock systems (TSA-approved for travelling to the USA), resistance to wear and tear, and anti-theft construction.

Price Consideration

Finally, let's not forget the price. Finding a balance between quality and cost is essential. A pricey luggage doesn't necessarily mean the best and the €‘ideal’ choice varies based on personal travel habits and needs.
Top Rolling Luggage Brands

Brand Introduction

In the rolling luggage market, certain brands have earned a reputation for reliability, quality and innovation. These include Samsonite, Tumi, and TravelPro.

Key Products and Their Features

In the Samsonite lineup, products like "Omni PC Spinner" stand out due to its lightweight polycarbonate shell, efficient organization features, and smooth spinning wheels. Tumi's Alpha 3 International Carry-On is celebrated for its ultra-durability, innovative design, and luxurious look. TravelPro's Platinum Elite earns praise for its sturdy construction, impressive capacity, and premium rollability.

Consumer Reviews and Feedback

Trusted customer review platforms, like Trustpilot and ConsumerReports, provide insightful reviews and feedback, helping potential buyers make informed choices.

Comparison of Top Rolling Luggage

Comparison plays a key role in thorough understanding and decision making.

| Brand | Material | Wheel Type | Size | Security | Price | | --- | --- | --- | --- | --- | --- | | Samsonite | Polycarbonate | Spinner | 20" - 28" | TSA lock | $$ | | Tumi | Ballistic Nylon | Spinner | 22" | TSA lock | $$$$ | | TravelPro | High-density Nylon | Roller | 21" - 29" | TSA lock | $$$ |

Each of these luggage bags are rated highly among experts and consumers, with weighted emphasis on quality, durability, convenience, and price.

Buying Guide

Here are key considerations to make the most appropriate choice:

  • Your Traveling Frequency: Frequent travelers may require more robust, high-end luggage.
  • Your Typical Journey: Long haul travelers may opt for larger luggage.
  • Your Destination: Depending on climate and terrain, your luggage material and wheel type choice may vary.
  • Your Personal Style: Choose a luggage that resonates with your style and personality.

Care and Maintenance of Rolling Luggage

Proper care can add years to your luggage's life:

  • Clean Regularly: Keep the exterior and interior clean.
  • Store Properly: Store in a dry place, away from direct sunlight.
  • Handle with Care: Avoid tossing or dropping.

Refer to specific care instructions provided by the manufacturer for the chosen material.


In conclusion, choosing perfect rolling luggage requires consideration of various factors including material, wheel type, size, storage, security features, and of course, price. We explored top brands - Samsonite, Tumi, and TravelPro, examining their key offerings and customer feedback. The choice ultimately boils down to personal requirements and preferences. The next time you are on the quest for the perfect luggage, we hope you will find this guide helpful.