Top Travel Applications for Budget Travel
Jul 18, 2023
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Top Travel Applications for Budget Travel

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Travel can get expensive. There are a number of costs associated with travel, from
eating out to paying for hotel rooms. You can employ a number of strategies to help
you save money on travel, creating a great experience on a small budget. With the
help of technology, though, it is possible to save money even more quickly. Here are
some great travel applications that can help you save a little money on the road:

When-to-Fly Airfare Alerts

FareCompare offers an app that allows you to keep track of airfares on trips you
would like to take. You can set it to help you see when the best time to fly from your
home airport is. Additionally, you can share deals on social media, and you can view
maps that show prices to popular destinations.


If you are looking to plan a complete trip, you can use NileGuide. This app helps you
find fun activities, as well as customize your itinerary. Also helps you find budget
options for hotels, restaurants and more. A great way to plan your next trip.

Airline Apps

Chances are that your favorite airline has an application that will help you monitor
flights, and find fares. You can also usually keep track of your frequent flyer
accounts and receive notifications for special upgrades and deals. American Airlines,
Delta, Southwest and Alaska Air all have apps that can help you stay on top of things.
If you have Twitter, you can get tweets from @JetBlueCheeps, helping you find
exclusive deals not offered elsewhere. Tuesday is the day that Jet Blue puts out their
amazing fares.


You can use this application to search worldwide airlines for the best fares. You can
even use the app to book your flight. Accepts your frequent flyer number, so you

will be building up points even as you use the app, hopefully saving them for more
budget travel down the road.

Priceline Hotel and Car Negotiator

The popular discount fare site also has an app. This app is especially aimed at those
looking to find the best deals on hotels. Narrow your search by neighborhood or
quality, and make a bid. You can find last minute deals as well. A great way to save
money on your hotel stay. You can also use the app to find good deals on rental car

Gas Buddy

You can get help finding the lowest price on gas with the help of this app. If you are
taking a road trip, Gas Buddy can be extremely helpful for helping you save money.
You can enter information about where you are, and then get updates on where to
find the best local gas prices.

Meal Ticket

If you are looking for great deals on local restaurants, Meal Ticket might be the
app for you. The idea is that the GPS based app can help you find deals right where
you are – even if you are far from home. You can get coupons sent directly to your
phone, and learn about specials that you might not be privy to otherwise.


Another helpful app for foodies, you can find a restaurant wherever you are. Search
by the type of food you want, or have the app choose for you. You can also sort your
results by price, helping you find low-priced restaurants. User reviews reduce the
chance that you will end up eating awful food.