I want to ‘Go with Oh’ to London
Aug 29, 2023

I want to ‘Go with Oh’ to London

ESB Professional / Shutterstock

Right now, Go with Oh is running a Facebook competition with four different prizes up for grabs. You should check that out. I was asked to write a blog about one of their features locations and tell them 5 things I would do in that location. I chose London. Here’s what I’d do!

1. Make my own impression of London - Most people have this wonderful idea of London, all fairytales and movie stars with a sprinkle of high fashion. My idea of London, on the other hand, has been marred. My university had campuses all over the world, one of which was in London. I despised the London study abroad kids. More often than not, they were students who wanted a semester away from their parents where they could get drunk off the loans their parents paid for and then come back pretending like they picked up a British accent in 8 weeks. Thanks to those Bachelors in Drinking kids, my opinion of London is totally skewed. It doesn’t help that my ex boyfriend was one of them. I know a trip there would erase those jerks from my mind and fill it with all the wonders of this incredible city.
2. Shop in Camden Market – I have seen so many amazing photos of this market. Every time I see a photo of the jewelry, dresses, and random treasures, all I can think is WANT WANT WANT! The aforementioned ex actually brought me back 2 dresses from this market, which I adored. However, after the breakup I decided to give them away – to his little sister.
3. Go to a football game – I have the poor fortune of being a huge soccer (football) fan but also live in the United States. My love of this sport bloomed in South America, so I have the chants and spirit down, but I am dying to see a proper English footie match.
4. Walk through literary history – There are so many places in London that have ties to some incredible writers. I want to walk along the streets of London to check out Russell Square, where Oscar Wilde spent his last night in England. After that, maybe I could check out Gower Street where Charles Darwin wrote part of The Origen of Species and swing by the University of London Senate house, which is the building that inspired George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth. I’d finish up with a pint at The Lamb pub where the influential writer’s group, The Bloomsbury Group used to meet.
5. Go Zorbing – Yes, I know I can do this ridiculous activity in the United States, but something about doing something so outlandish in the land of Queens and tea just makes me giggle. I want to roll around in a plastic ball with London scenery all a-blur around me. And then I’d like to have some scones at a proper tea house, thank you very much.

So here’s hoping that Go with Oh will be housing me in London so I can do all of these awesome things and, of course, blog about them for all of you.