Why You Should Take a Vacation
Jun 12, 2023
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Why You Should Take a Vacation

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I find it sad, but not at all surprising, that many people (Americans especially) need to be convinced to take a vacation. That is just madness. Nonetheless, that is the case. So here are some reasons you should take a vacation.

You Work Too Damn Hard

Seriously, you’re racking up those hours like a kid racks up tickets at an arcade. But you know what? At least that kid is saving those tickets for something totally awesome. Sure, that giant stuffed alligator and cheap Chinese finger trap may not pay for his college, but they will bring him such joy! The good news is, a vacation will not be a fleeting joy. Taking some time off will not only benefit you during the vacation, but it will likely boost your productivity and happiness upon your return as well.

They’re called Vacation Days. Not run errands days

Taking a vacation day to run errands or some other overly boring and mundane task is completely unacceptable. It’s like being given a nice bottle of wine and then serving it to teenagers who would just as soon drink a box of Franzia. You are given vacation days because you need to take a vacation. Get away, have some you time, and escape your routine.

It’s so much easier than you think

People are always whining about how they don’t have the time or money to take a vacation. That’s ridiculous. Vacations do not have to be at all-inclusive resorts across the globe. Explain your budget and time frame to a travel agent and chances are they can hook you up with an awesome vacation that will allow you to break free without breaking the bank.

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