Top 5 Reasons Why Fiji’s so Fun!

Top 5 Reasons Why Fiji’s so Fun!

Updated August 2, 2023

I was lucky enough to usher in 2011 in Fiji, where I celebrated on a crowded dance floor with tourists and locals swaying together and sweating up a storm! In my opinion, Fiji is one of the most fun places in the world – literally an adult Disneyland.

Here’s why I think Fiji’s so fun:

Fijian is Fun to Speak

The 3 most common words in Fijian are Bula! (Hello), Seganaleqa (pronounced: Sang-a Lang-a, meaning No Worries) and Kere Kere (Please). Now, say each of these three words out loud. They roll off your tongue in a very playful way. I must’ve sent said Bula! at least 8 times a day just for the sheer joy of it.

Water Sports Heaven

Whether you scuba, snorkel or surf, Fiji is the island for you. I went scuba diving for 2 days and it was spectacular. One dive spot off Raki Raki called Black Magic Mountain was particularly magnificent with tons of brightly colored purple and yellow coral, large sea fans and what seemed like billions of kaleidoscope-colored fish. To snorkel, you only need to wade in from the beach and the surfing I hear is also impressive – although not for the timid.

Incredible Island Scenery

Fiji is divided up between the Coral Coast (West side of the island) and the Sunshine Coast (East side of the island) and in between are lush mountain sides and endless fields of sugar cane. Fiji has 4 volcanoes, plenty of white sand beaches and clear turquoise water. It’s exactly what you’d expect of a Pacific Island paradise!

Fijians are Friendly People

Fijian culture is traditionally very welcoming. While tooling around the countryside in our bus, many of the people in the fields, on their porches, and waiting at bus stops waved enthusiastically as we drove by. Fijian children are especially charming with their big open smiles. We passed two little boys a number of times coming and going from our hotel, and each time they played the same prank on us. So cute!

Everyone Drinks Kava

Kava is the local hallucinogenic drink and while it may taste a bit gritty going down, the numbing effect is instantaneous. Fijians mix up batches by the kilo, add water, and drink from coconut shells at either half-tide (half-full coconut) or high-tide (filled to the rim). During a local kava ceremony, I had 3 high-tides and was a happy camper for the next half hour.

Fiji doesn’t disappoint. It’s an island get-away that is totally relaxing, yet offers options if you decide to vacate that beach chair. All you need to remember is that Fiji equals Fun and you’re off for the time of your life!

Sota Tale! (Fijian for “See you Later”)

Erin Michelson is a social entrepreneur and world traveler. A self-styled Adventure Philanthropist, Erin is embarking on a 2-year global giving adventure called Erin Goes Global. Starting in Fiji on New Year’s Day 2011, Erin Michelson will travel to more than 70 counties on 7 continents during 2011-2012. Along the way, Erin will be volunteering with global non-profit organizations, including working with the Hari tribes in Papua New Guinea, building wells in Uganda and Tanzania, and tutoring young girls in Bangladeshi boat villages.