Private Jet Travel, Not Just for the 1%

Private Jet Travel, Not Just for the 1%

Updated August 2, 2023

Many people mistakenly lead themselves to believe that traveling on private jets is financially, far out of reach. Thanks to the internet and social media, the reality is that now you can too.

Lower Prices

In many cases, ticket prices for private jets now rival prices of commercial tickets in first class, business class, or sometimes even coach! In an era of higher fuel prices, companies are much more willing to negotiate. Being internet savvy is key.

The Internet Shall Discount Luxury Travel

One of the biggest problems for private jet companies are so-called “empty leg” flights. These are flights back to base, or in between jobs. Frequently, seats aren’t filled and the company is losing potential revenue. Insert average traveler here. The real dirty secret of the industry is that about a third of total flights are empty. A quick search on the web will procure a number of companies offering deals. Companies have even been known to advertise “empty leg” flights on facebook for as low as $499.

Buyer Beware

Of course, like many deals that sound too good to be true, there are pitfalls. Say for example you find private planes flying between Chicago and Miami. If you book the flight from Chicago to Miami, and the client in Miami cancels, you’re out of luck. Also, a number of these deals are extremely time sensitive. Sometimes you can book the deal and the jet departs in less than six hours. Be mindful, that you’re gambling with your travel plans.

Lower the Cost with Social Media

Some private jet companies will allow you to find other travelers for “empty legs” via your social media page(s). This strategy allows you to lower the cost. Sometimes, if you only can find one or two additional passengers, the ticket isn’t cheaper than a normal, commercial flight. However, if you find three or four passengers to go, the cost becomes significantly cheaper than what you’d normally expect on a commercial flight.